Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some men, some faces

There was a man who had two spoons;
One made of gold and the other of steel.
The golden one had classic curves and studded with ruby and emarald
It shone brilliantly and caught everyone's eye.
The steel one had sleek straight lines and some dull white stones
The matt finish added to it's sturdy look.

The man took the steel spoon
and flung it to a corner.
He then picked up the golden one
and put in his pocket, close to his heart.

The brilliance, the artwork, the beautiful red and green
on the yellow backdrop made his eyes well with pride.
He made his dearest golden spoon the mark of his identity
ever looking down upon the steel one with contempt.
Time flew and the spoons lay in their respective places,
one in a corner and the other in the pocket.

One day someone said, 'That's no steel, that's platinum,
the most precious metal on earth!'
Some other said, 'Look at the sleek straight lines, the rare uncut diamonds...
So stylish! so beautiful!!'
Suddenly, the gloss was off
and the matt was in!

The man took out his golden spoon and looked close;
It shined the same, with brilliant yellow and vibrant red & green.
He threw it down and picked up the platinum one -
It did look more precious, more beautiful, more important!

Nothing had changed in the world -
neither the breeze, nor the sun or the moon!
Neither the artwork, nor the stones or the metals
All that changed were some men, some faces!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Indulgence divine

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Eight to go...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

En Samayal Araiyil... (In my kitchen...)

Pampered myself with this on the lazy weekend...

After trying once before, the corn pulao came out quite good... Oh, and the panner dish was actually PBM that I set out to make, but it's avtar changed to Paneer Makkhanwala towards the end... :D

Whats in the name when the taste makes you forget yourself... right?